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Default Riesel base 3 reservations/statuses/primes

Completed and in process reservations for Riesel base 3 posted from the previous "Riesel base 3 attack" subforum":

  k-range     n-range     status  
   4M-2.147G 500K-1M    completed by BOINC
   4M-2.147G 1M-1.07M   in progress by BOINC
   4M-10M    100K-500K  completed by henryzz
  10M-20M    100K-425K  completed by henryzz
  10M-20M    425K-500K  completed by Puzzle-Peter
  20M-6G     100K-500K  completed by BOINC
   6G-10G    100K-250K  completed by BOINC
     >63G    100K-500K  completed by MisterBitcoin

     <100M    25K-100K  completed by mini-drive I
 100M-200M    25K-100K  completed by KEP
 200M-250M    25K-100K  completed by Mattyp101
 250M-500M    25K-100K  completed by grueny
 500M-2G      25K-30K   completed by VBCurtis
 500M-2G      30K-100K  completed by Lennart
 2G-2.05G     25K-100K  completed by VBCurtis
 2.05G-2.5G   25K-100K  completed by Puzzle-Peter
 2.5G-8G      25K-100K  completed by Lennart
   8G-21G     25K-100K  completed by KEP 
  21G-22G     25K-100K  completed by Puzzle-Peter
  22G-23G     25K-50K   completed by Siemelink
  22G-23G     50K-100K  completed by BOINC
  23G-25G     25K-100K  completed by Puzzle-Peter
  25G-60G     25K-50K   completed by rogue
  25G-35G     50K-100K  completed by BOINC
  35G-45G     50K-100K  completed by rogue
  45G-46G     50K-100K  completed by pokemonlover123
  46G-60G     50K-100K  completed by rogue
  60G-63G     25K-100K  completed by VBCurtis
     >63G     25K-100K  completed by MyDogBuster
     <500M      25K     completed by KEP
 500M-510M      25K     completed by michaf
 510M-520M      25K     completed by Flatlander
 520M-570M      25K     completed by michaf
 570M-580M      25K     completed by Mini-Geek
 580M-600M      25K     completed by KEP
 600M-650M      25K     completed by Flatlander
 650M-660M      25K     completed by henryzz
 660M-700M      25K     completed by Flatlander
 700M-800M      25K     completed by gd_barnes
 800M-810M      25K     completed by Mini-Geek
 810M-820M      25K     completed by gd_barnes
 820M-830M      25K     completed by henryzz
 830M-2G        25K     completed by Puzzle-Peter
   2G-2.05G     25K     completed by VBCurtis
 2.05G-2.5G     25K     completed by gd_barnes
 2.5G-3G        25K     completed by Lennart
   3G-11G       25K     completed by Puzzle-Peter
  11G-12G       25K     completed by KEP  
  12G-13G       25K     completed by Puzzle-Peter
  13G-14G       25K     completed by KEP
  14G-15G       25K     completed by Puzzle-Peter
  15G-60G       25K     completed by KEP
  60G-63G       25K     completed by rogue
     >63G       25K     completed by KEP
Admin edit: Separated Riesel base 3 reservations/statuses/primes posts from Sierp base 3 reservations/status/primes posts.

Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
KEP, is the above what you are doing or are you doing any sieving beforehand? If so, what is it that you are using to sieve? IMHO, no sieving is needed at all below n=10K. A case could be made for sieving above n=10K but I prefer to just let PFGW run to n=25K without sieving.

It exactly is what I'm doing. Well to avoid any confusion here is my battle plan (Using WinPFGW):

1. test 2,500,000 equal k's for being PrP up to n=25,000 (command-line: "input.txt -lxxM.txt")
2. Verify those PrP (command-line: "pfgw.log -tc")
3. List all those k's remaining, and make them publicly availeable on my google page

Hope that explained, but the short answer to your question Gary is: Yes that was exactly what I am doing regards my attack on the Base3 riesel.

Now I've a question. Is there anyway to make WinPFGW work a list of k's from e.g. n=25,001 to n=100,000?

Also to the developers of WinPFGW, it would be very nice if you could make a way to avoid save a log file with factors and such stuff, and make a way to save only the Primes, the PrP and k or n remaining. I think that such a k or n function should be asked to save only for every 10 % which in my example would mean at n:


That way a lot of storage (and writing time) will be saved and it will be easier to list the k's missing and compare the number to the amount of primes found :)

Thanks everyone and happy holidays.



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