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Originally Posted by firejuggler View Post
What about the pills (by Merck) that are announced for december, I think?
These *could* replace the vaccine
It won't replace a preventative vaccine. The drug (Molnupiravir) is an antiviral that inhibits virus replication. It is for use in already-infected people who aren't (yet) seriously ill. Merck applied around October 11 for EUA.

The FDA's advisory panel is scheduled to meet November 30 to consider the application, so it is unlikely EUA will come before December 1.

EDIT: Back on topic - I forgot to mention earlier, I got the Moderna booster on October 26th. I soon experienced some soreness around the injection site.

Next morning I felt achy and a bit feverish, but those symptoms largely dissipated soon after I arose, except for a bit of soreness and stiffness near the injection site. Using my arms to get some stuff done later on pretty much worked out the kinks.

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