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Originally Posted by chris2be8 View Post
My perl scripts use:
$cmd="\"$YAFU\" 'factor($_[0])' -p -ecm_path /usr/bin/ecm -logfile $LOGFILE -threads $NUM_CPUS";
perl substitutes suitable values for $YAFU, $_[0], $LOGFILE and $NUM_CPUS, then passes the resulting string to the shell.
. . .
Thanks. I'll try some more syntax variations with my script to see if I can match your perl call.

Originally Posted by bsquared View Post
No worries at all. You just caught me in the middle of other intermediate updates, where I don't even do my usual poor job of checking if things work on other architectures. Try the latest commit now.

You got me with this one, no idea what's going on. Maybe some context? Is this a resume or did it run through from scratch? Running on cmd line or in interpreter? etc.
Excellent! Thanks! All seems well.

Note: I found that tiny, unobtrusive, miniature, lower case, "v" you had hidden in the yafu.ini file. So the verbosity is back to my liking.

As for the looping machines, they were running a bash script that feeds YAFU a composite. Both had already completed a good number of composites via the script. The one machine I noted had been looping for almost 7 hours overnight. I just fed that composite to the new version as a test and it flew through it. (Of course, I expected it would.)

Thanks for all!
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