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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Several reasons:
1) The benefits are not too great for the average user. A PRP tester will see somewhat faster P-1 stage 2.
2) Upgrading to 30.6b4 will restart P-1 stage 2 from scratch. Let's face it, prior to upgrading most users won't read the fine print that this will happen. Upgrading from 30.6 to 30.7 has the same problem -- let's pay this upgrade frustration only once.
30.7 is almost ready for some testing. The only feature remaining is Alder Lake support.
Fair enough.

Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
I suspect mprime is out of memory, but I've no idea why this happens during stage 2 rather than stage 2 init when gobs of memory is allocated.
I have observed this a few times myself. It happens when I fire up something (typically more tabs in my Firefox) which asks for more memory. I don't see any reason why this wouldn't happen with previous versions, except for the fact that the new stage 2 actually can use all available memory across the exponent range.
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