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Originally Posted by MooMoo2 View Post
I'd keep the social structure mostly the same, but would introduce modern knowledge like germ theory and the steam engine:

With that advantage, I'd have a reasonable shot at conquering a few continents in 30 years or so.
Since you'd keep the social structure "mostly the same," your objective in overthrowing the existing government appears to be merely replacing the old boss with the new boss - yourself.

Why you would want to reign over an empire in a world 2000 years in the past - though, arguable, not our past - is beyond me. You would give up practically every technical advance since the time of your incursion. Given the alteration of history you would wreak, it seems likely to me that your future would no longer be the future you came from. Your present would no longer be our past, and your future would no longer be our present. You would never be able to come back.

Apparently you would rather fantasize about using a time machine to take over the world of 20 centuries ago, and introducing modern technology to make life easier for its people, than doing anything to make life easier or better for the people of the world we're actually living in. Have you given up on the present world?

I would also point out that by the middle of the Nineteenth Century, the steam engine had been invented and was coming into wide use, obviating the need for muscle power in many tasks. And yet, some American states rebelled and tried to secede from the Union, in order to preserve the idea of white supremacy and the institution of slavery. It took a bloody war to put a stop to slavery. And, alas, white supremacy and its manifestations persist in the United States to this day.
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