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Originally Posted by garambois View Post
I prefer this color scheme to your previous proposal.
I will update with your last proposal.
Because I think your request is motivated by a desire to make the page more accessible to people who might have vision problems.
And I thank you Alexander for your concern about this problem.
Then we'll see if there are positive or negative reactions from other users of the page.
As for me, I must admit in all sincerity that personally I still have a slight preference for the lighter colors of the current page. Having said that, I think I can work for a long time without tiring my eyesight with your latest proposal.
As I said above, your original pink did have enough contrast with the text for accessibility purposes, but I had trouble distinguishing it from the primary (blue-gray?) page background, which was causing issues with my work keeping track of downdriver sequences (which involves checking every <120 digit sequence on the page every few days).

A lot of the standards-based work I did in my earlier rewrite of the page also helps with accessibility. While accessibility issues don't particularly affect me personally, I recognize the importance of following proper web standards regarding them. Now, I just need to fix my personal website's color scheme.

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