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Default Special Project Level 3 (25 digits, B1=50K)

The Special Project Assignments at Level 3 (25 digits, B1=50K) are longer than at previous levels and the primes are scarcer than at previous levels; Consequently I think it no longer makes sense to have everyone finish one wave before launching everyone on the next wave. When results are returned, I will immediately provide an updated lowM.txt file that includes all recently found factors. For the time being the assignments will continue to be 10 ECM curves.

Some may choose to return to the ECM Server factoring - some people find greater satisfaction in those more rapidly completed tests. The much longer tests in the Special Project still have the advantages of simultaneously testing over eighty primitives and testing at lower B1 levels. I believe the Special Project is still more likely to find primes for the same amount of computational effort.

The ElevenSmooth FAQ has a description of the Special Project.

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