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Originally Posted by Wacky
A small question about mixing:
The 5 gal bucket is full. What happens if we attempt to pour the contents of the 6 gal bucket into it? Obviously, we will spill 6 gal. But at what temperature? Do we assume that there is absolutely no mixing (The original 5 gal @ 50 degrees remains in the bucket and the 6 gal @ 90 degrees gets spilled) ?
I've assumed this to mean no mixing so we would have a 50deg bucket.(another non-real-life conditional)
Originally Posted by Wacky
Pour out 3 gal of 90 degree water. The remaining water has an average temperature of (5*50 + 3*90)/8 = 65 degrees. ... we can mix the water in the 3 buckets a (infinite) number of times ...
Is the procedure allowed?
Let's allow these and mark any temperature only arrived at in this manner with some sort of special notation.
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