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Stats for c180 with lambda0=1.93:

Poly score 9.285e-14.
70.2M CPU-seconds sieving for 322M raw relations, 218M unique.
TD=110 produced a 15.8M matrix.

Poly is ~7% worse than the c179 that I ran with default lambda0 of ~1.97. Sieving is ~6% slower per raw relation but ~8% slower per unique relation, and the matrix ended up a little bigger too.

I doubt the poly scores predict sieving speed to the nearest 1%, but lambda 1.93 performs noticeably better than 1.88 and within a percent or so of 1.97. Suggests that the default 1.97 is close enough to optimal here that it's not worth trying to narrow it down further?

Next GNFS target in the HCN list is a c182. I'll keep most of the sieving params the same to get a direct comparison - experimentation can wait till the bunch of c184s if I decide to do them - but should lims go a bit higher? 105M/145M?

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