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Originally Posted by PhilF View Post
I'll tell you what, since you seem to really believe in luck: Tell me which number in that range that is most likely to be prime and I'll run it on a Radeon VII. If it turns out to be prime, I'll split the prize and recognition with you.

But what if it's composite? What do I get out of the deal?
It's more important me which GPU card I should buy at the moment. It seems like AMD RX 6900XT will be the best when dealing with Gpuowl while Nvidia Geforce 3090 is the best when perform trial factoring on M168173323 from 2^81 to 2^82.

How do I know exactly the amount of days and hours needed to finish a PRP test of M168779323 on AMD RX 6900XT is no one else runs it the first time.

Glad Kriesel mentioned about the difference between trial factoring and PRPs on GPU that Geforce 3080 Ti cannot support both.

Once I get the new machine, I won't ask anyone's help, I'll just run myself.
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