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Originally Posted by drkirkby View Post
I'm no expert on GPUs, but I thought if you were going to buy a GPU to test exponents, the CPU does not need to be very powerful - the GPU is doing all the work. Obviously if one is not constrained by money, heat or power consumption, then buy the best of everything. But if one is trying to achieve a good performance system without spending a fortune, then buying both a high-end CPU and a high-end GPU, would be unnecessary.
If I PRP-test 1 exponent using my CPU on Prime95 and the other on my GPU using Gpuowl, both will still maintain the speed of over 90% of normal on the same machine, then it'll be worth it.

I'm waiting to hear from another user who already bought Geforce 3080 Ti, the details of heat consumptions and GHz days/Day.

I use the CPU of my current old machine to run all the P-1 factoring of all M168,***,*23 with B1 = 1,000,000 and B2 = 40,000,000, will take around 20 hours each. Running my GPU of my current old machine to finish those exponents up to 2^78, it seems to me that both can function at the same time without significant slowing downs.

When I get my new PC which will likely be after Nov 21, 2021(Threadripper 5970X release date), I can perform 2 PRPs at the same time, 1 on CPU and 1 on GPU.

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