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Ok, thanks everyone. The sieving times for 1281979*2^n+1 suddenly increased strongly from about 5 h at n = 578 to 9 h for n = 590. In terms of time that places the SNFS-174 as a GNFS-135 while the SNFS-177 was already like a GNFS-139.
That's surprising. Can you post the params files you used for each of these jobs?

Would it make sense to test the number of required relations? For c135 it's 71,000,000 and for c130 only 46,000,000. Or do SNFS and GNFS behave similar in that regard?
The number of relations required is determined mainly by lpb0/lpb1: raising both by 1 roughly doubles the number of relations needed. The mfb values have an effect too but it is smaller. In addition, starting at a lower Q value will increase the number of raw relations required because the duplication rate is higher so you need more raw relations to get the same number of uniques.
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