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Exclamation Primenet doesn't believe that "I fixed the hardware..."

I've been running three cores of an AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor on LL Doublechecks and got occasional glitches in hot weather which were eventually traced to a badly fixed North Bridge heatsink. At least one suspect result must have been passed back to the server, because the 'Reliability, Confidence' got reported as 0.98, 1.0

Having fixed the heatsink problem and stepped up the cooling the machine is now 100% reliable, but the 'Reset, I fixed the hardware' option is only effective until the next (correct) result is submitted, at which point the 'Reliability, Confidence' reverts back from 1.00 0.00 to 0.98 1.00. This reversion then means that the machine is never permitted to allocate the smallest doublechecks, a little disappointing as it is processing them at the rate of one per week.

Incidentally, I never succeeded in identifying any incorrect results returned, as all results either matched the first time LL test or were later verified as correct, though as soon as I became aware of the glitches I reran any tests that glitched, just to be sure.

Will this machine ever be accepted as 'Reliable'?
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