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I think we both would benefit from playing with settings and finding polys for a couple of smaller numbers. Perhaps some of the heavy hitters in this forum would like to supply you and I a couple of C155-180s to poly search? We can discuss settings, try to learn what stage1 bound produces the largest rate of useful nps hits per hour of gpu time, etc.

I have a c147 in my own queue; I had just done -np for 5 days for a poly when this thread began. I tried to apply what we learned last week, and restarted the search. 24 hours of -np1 with stage1 set to 2e21 (default is 2.38e22) produced roughly 700MB of hits with a 460M, which will take almost a core-week to size optimize. This makes me wonder how -np manages to do all 3 steps with just one CPU thread without massively stalling the GPU.

So, my first tentative guideline is to set stage 1 norm 10x tighter than default when running -np1 on its own, and even then the cpu has no chance to keep up. Or does the -nps step work with the -t threads command?

If I understand previous advice, I should not bother to npr more than, say, 500 best nps hits?
Here are a few 157-digit GNFS candidates:
They are also listed at the OPN composites page. They have each had a t50.
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