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Default SR5 PRPnet 2.4.7 Servers - Shutting Down

We sill be shutting down the SR5 PRPnet 2.4.7 Server by this weekend. Please do not start any more work on this server. At the moment, only LTD and I have pending results. As soon as our results are returned, the server will shut down.

Please use the 3.3.6 server instead:

This is being done to make the switch to a new server installation easier.
The switch is planned for the week of 2010-Dec-13. It will probably not start on the 13th, since LTD will be recovering from his birthday party the night before.

When the new installation comes online, we will have PRPnet 4.0.3 servers available. There will be one for Sierpinski Base 5 and one for Riesel Base 5.
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