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Originally Posted by firejuggler View Post
not found by me but still
M52000043 has a factor : 104000087 (k=2)

thats an extreme...
Yeah, I've seen a few of those... Not that big before though.

A little sample; these should be the known ones in the range.

M33623 has 67247
M34283 has 68567
M34319 has 68639
M34439 has 68879
M34631 has 69263
M34883 has 69767
M35099 has 70199
M35111 has 70223
M35291 has 70583
M35831 has 71663
M35999 has 71999

And it goes on....

I think it's safe to say that k=2 is common for small p.

But just how does the distribution look? I kinda feel like this info should be available somewhere.

P.S. Smallest p for which k=2
11, 23, 83, 131, 179, 191, 239, 251, 359, 419, 431, 443

After looking those up manually I realize that this is A002515.
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