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Question LLRnet FAQ

Q: Is there a deadline for returning LLRnet results?
A: Yes. Currently the deadline is 2 days from the time when the number was handed out to your client (for both servers). After 2 days, if you still haven't finished crunching your number (or simply haven't been able to return it yet even if it is finished), it will be assigned to another person.

Q: Can I cancel a number that I don't actually want to crunch for whatever reason, or is over deadline?
A: Yes. Go to your command prompt window, hit "Ctl-C" and type "Y" at the question (Windows). Then type the command "do -c" (Windows) or "./ -c" (Linux) and press Enter. LLRnet will return all results that have been completed and cancel all remaining tests.

Q: Can I run LLRnet on a multi-core system and still utilize all the cores?
Yes. You will need to run multiple copies of LLRnet. When installing, extract the archive you downloaded into as many folders as you have cores (such as c:\llrnet, c:\llrnet2, etc.). Then, configure the llr-clientconfig.txt for each core (you have to configure each installation separately--and make sure to change the GUIPort value to something different on everything except the first installation. You'll also have to change this value in the llr-guiconfig.txt for the installations that have been set to a different GUIPort.), and run the do.exe (or "./" on Linux) in each installation.

Q: I'm not constantly connected to the Internet. Can I set LLRnet to keep a larger queue to last until the next connect?
A: Yes. Close out LLRnet, open up llr-clientconfig.txt, set the "WUCacheSize" value to however many workunits you want to keep in queue, and restart LLRnet. The maximum is 100, which should be plenty.

Q: I'm on a team. do I have to do anything special with LLRnet?
A: No. As long as you've properly announced your team membership in the "Teams: Join a Team" thread, then we'll get you all set on the backend as soon as we notice your post. In the meantime, you can still go ahead and submit results--even if they're attributed to "no team" at first. We will be able to get that corrected when you are entered into the database as a member of your team.

Q: I'm already experienced with LLRnet, and I just want to know what to punch in to my already-set-up copy of LLRnet for it to work with NPLB. Out with it man, already!
A: See this thread for a current list of all the LLRnet servers that this project operates.

Q: After unzipping the LLRnet archive on Windows, the llr-clientconfig.txt file appears garbled. What's up?
A: The llr-clientconfig.txt file uses Linux/Unix style line endings, rather than Windows ones, thus, Notepad just shows a block where a new line should have begun. Wordpad handles them just fine, though, so you just have to open the file in Wordpad for it to display correctly. Or, get Metapad, a free Notepad replacement that handles Linux line endings fine and adds a lot of improvements to Notepad.

Q: Where are the stats? How often are they updated?
A: The stats are at Stats are updated continuously.

Q: What do I do if I find a prime with LLRnet?
A: Just the same as you would do if you had found the prime with manual LLR for the team drive that LLRnet is working on. Refer to the "Report Primes Here" thread for more information.

Q: How do I know if I found a prime (besides checking lresults.txt, which may or may not be feasible depending on the situation)?
A: If you're using one of our LLRnet/PRPnet servers, then your primes will show up at (LLRnet) or (PRPnet) at the next hourly status page refresh after they've been submitted to the server. They will continue to be displayed until the next daily results copy-off (which happens at approximately 5 AM or 6 AM GMT each day). However, even after they're removed from the main status page, they will continue to be listed in the "All Primes found so far" list for the respective server.

If you have any more questions that should be added to this list, please post here.

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