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Edit: Ok, I just saw that TTn claims to have done that accidentally. I remain suspicious about the incident, but it is possible it really was an accident.
It really was an accident, if you look at the message in context it is clearly a reply that matches her last post, and does not match an edit post. I was sorry because it was a reponse to another topic where we were going over examples, for which George rightfully stated that PRP has a seperate problem, though linked to the source.
When I found out that I was locally wrong about him telling a tall tale of PRP, I apologized. Though he did not specify the O/S which later became crucial to our statements, which is very missleading and thwarting!

Actually the burden of proof lay with George, and his statement "We will never know what happened" with M40. How can he know this for sure without evidense?
I will gather more facts, and make a formal presentation (in one topic), which will be backed up by experts with credentials.

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