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Yup, I decided to change my login name and couldn't find a way to change it without opening a new account (any pointers on how to do that?). Sorry didn't realize it wasn't cool to change my name it has afterall been 5.5 MONTHS since I have last posted with it!

Edit: I blurred out the IP address... BTW, in the future, if anyone has something to say, be man enough to say it without hiding behind a false login...
For the record I named no names and tried not to make any personal attacks. If I was trying to hide I could use one of the other 5 IPs I have but oh well think what you wish.

BTW, thx alot for posting my IP address about 30 minutes after you posted it I started to get ping bombed and it is still on going. Zooming in on the half blurred out IP it's still readable but then again since I'm getting ping bombed already I don't know if it makes a difference now.

FYI, for the person ping bombing if it hasn't stopped by the morning I will take appropiate actions.
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