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Originally Posted by PhilF View Post
I agree with your sentiment, but not your conclusion. I submit that 99.9% of everyone who is going to vote in this election has already made up their mind, and feel so strongly about their choice that nothing, nothing at all could change their vote.
Yes, it's almost certainly true that just about all the folks who worship are in thrall to support the incumbent are immune to argumentation. And I doubt many people who can't stand the incumbent could be persuaded to vote for him.

There is another consideration, though. That is the decision of whether to vote. There is a good argument that one major reason Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election was, a lot of people who had voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, sat on their hands in 2016.

Polls over the last few months have indicated that the edge in expressed support for the challenger has largely evaporated. People who initially expressed support of BLM are tired of the protests, and more particularly of the rioting and looting that has come to be associated with it. It is possible that they might include a lot of would-be voters who won't.
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