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On the home-brew spray: I don't remember the proportions, but my mom also added a bit of isopropyl alcohol. This was supposed to take on some kinds of waxy or waxy-fuzzy insect exteriors. Clearly, one doesn't want to go overboard on alky or detergent. I think Mama used drops of something like Ivory Liquid in a substantial amount of water. Again, this is decades old vague memories. There would certainly be recipes on the web. My current insect battles involve " pick off and squish" tactics. I've not found any for a day or two, and the weather is cooler. So maybe the swallowtail laying season is over.
EDIT: I'll have to watch the forecasts and see if I need to bring the basil plants inside. Parsley doesn't care until it gets really cold. Basil may droop in the low40s F, and recovery is doubtful.

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