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kar_bon, I never really understood the Nash weight. It is an indicator for how many candidates remain after sieving? So I would think a low weight is good, since few candidates after sieving is favorable? What do I miss?

I don't know what is average number of primes in n < 1e5 range, but I think there were maybe 15 for this k. Is that so little? Proth was giving similar number of primes.

If your're done you can list the prime n-values in this thread and I can include those in the Wiki, both sides (Proth /Riesel) possible. Don't forget to give the search limits then
I'll do that. 0 <= n <= 1e5 is done for both Riesel/Proth. I don't have the results here, but will post this evening.

The main task I want to accomplish is finding a mega prime using Proth20, so I'm currently sieving 3320000 <= n <= 4100000 for Proth side. But I also plan to do the remaining smaller n values for both Riesel/Proth using LLR on CPU. I'll post them here in the future.

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