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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
Not meaning to cause offense here, but watching this from afar is just mind-blowing.

It's almost like a bad apocalyptic sci-fi novel, except that it's happing live on CNN and FOX...

This story, for example, strikes me initially as "this can't really be happening, can it???
Like Il Duce, Ted Wheeler is up for re-election this year. I guess we'll see whether getting tear-gassed is the end of Mayor Wheeler. He's been getting an earful from Black Lives Matter activists, but perhaps standing up to the tear gas from jack-booted government thugs will give him some street cred.

Meanwhile, in the "Waaait, THAT not real" category (obscure cultural reference to Gary Larson "The Far Side" cartoon), Il Duce has declared that COVID-19 has made it too dangerous for R-delegates to convene in Jacksonville FL (which place he chose after he decided NC was being too restrictive about COVID-19), but continues to insist that school children should be crammed into classrooms this fall.
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