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"RMultiRes" was added in Feb. 2020, "RCount" in May, that's why always use the Template prototypes and not privately copies.
Those're the current versions of prime number templates and you only have to copy/paste them to a new page.
The Wiki is still in contruction/test mode with many templates, but the Riesel prime template is the most elaborated one: some features are done the last weeks like the Riesel frequencies.
Some features should later be added to other templates like Proth.
RPPDb: The data shown for k=6059 says, this k was searched to n=50,000 and FreeDC Drive #2 found a higher prime (started from n=410,000 -> see menu for FreeDC and Drive 2 also).
UT Martin = Top5000: go to Search, put in the "Mathmatical Description" as "^6059*2^%-1" and select the "Type" option "all (includes unverified primes)" -> will show all primes there for Riesel 6059*2^n-1.
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