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Originally Posted by science_man_88 View Post
I'm looking for things that don't need a certificate, make me at least enough money to get back and forth to them.
Why don't you consider gardening for your neighbours? Or, anything else you enjoy and are good at which doesn't require certification.

A very important thing I've learnt (over my many years) is that one should never do anything they hate just for the money. And, equally important, that many employers that I might want to work for are as equally interested in experience and attitude than "paper".

I almost didn't graduate from high-school because I couldn't spell. And I never got an undergraduate degree from UVIc (two years completed) because industry lured me away.

Years later I was invited back to UVic to teach. And, separately, I often found that my employees who hadn't graduated from high-school were better producers than those who had PhDs.

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