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Originally Posted by CRGreathouse View Post
It's often described as the tax you would pay on one additional dollar of income. In a progressive tax system, it is greater than to your effective tax rate.
I would argue that technically speaking in the bottom tax bracket you won't have this result as the tax rate stays the same through the whole first bracket until capital gains etc. are considered. which then fall under I think.edit: if you combine both federal and provincial rates into one rate NS has the following percentages

up to 29590 23.79%
on rest up to 45916 29.95%
on rest up to 59180 35.45%
on rest up to 91831 37.17%
on rest up to 93000 42.67%
on rest up to 142353 43.5%
on rest up to 150000 46.5%
on rest up to 202800 50%
on rest over 202800 54%

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