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Originally Posted by VictordeHolland View Post
I don't know if the power usage in Core Temp 1.0 RC6 is accurate (it's reading 89.4W) , as the voltage reported is off too compared to CPU-Z (which I would thrust more).

How I estimated the 10W for fans and harddisk:
SSD and HDD (3W),
2x 120mm (rated 12V 0.2A) fans = 4.8W
CPU fan maybe 2-3W

The 10W for the motherboard/memory is just a guess, but it could be more as 2 memory modules might already consume that as pointed out by madpoo.
I withdraw my skepticism. That all sounds reasonable. As I said, my system is populated with a number of HDDs and some rather powerful fans. It skews my perceptions.
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