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Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
How about this (in get_fft_radices.c, lines 1443-1446):
                case 7 :
                        numrad = 6; rvec[0] = 16; rvec[1] =  8; rvec[2] =  8; rvec[3] =  8; rvec[4] =  8; rvec[5] = 16; break;
                case 7 :
                        numrad = 5; rvec[0] =  8; rvec[1] = 16; rvec[2] = 16; rvec[3] = 32; rvec[4] = 16; break;

[linux1@rhel7-3 build]$ gcc -Os ../src/get_fft_radices.c
../src/get_fft_radices.c: In function ‘get_fft_radices’:
../src/get_fft_radices.c:1446:3: error: duplicate case value
   case 7 :
../src/get_fft_radices.c:1443:3: error: previously used here
   case 7 :
Their gcc compiler is a bit stricter than on x86_64 (I've built it before -- no problems were reported, only warnings).
Yes, that bug in the unthreaded scalar-C builds has been fixed in my dev-branch code, users who run into it should just 'do the needful' in their local copy of the file.

A bit later (in TRICKY section)
../src/util.c: In function ‘print_host_info’:
../src/util.c:1071:106: error: ‘OS_BITS’ undeclared (first use in this function)
so add -DOS_BITS=64 to the compiler line.

After polishing these two little blemishes, runs like a clock.
As long as it's a 64-bit OS - that would be 'yes' - your hack is fine. Note OS_BITS is set (or better, attempted-to-set) in platform.h - you can turn on a bunch of diagnostics for that file by adding -DPLATFORM_DEBUG to your compile command, say for just a single tiny source file like br.c.
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