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Originally Posted by firejuggler View Post
Here is a graph by graphviz
Contain all of the sequences fromthe ' merge/teminate' thread
merge not included
Now, that, I like!

You guys are coming up with some good stuff.

The clickable nodes looks good as does the, but, yes, it would entail a whole lot of work. Of course, an automated version is what is needed.

Here's what I envision - let me know what you guys think:

1. create a program to query the db for all merges - this would be a long term project
2. have the program write the graphviz code - let's try to be less manually intensive**
3. periodically run the program against all OE sequences and update the graphviz file as needed
4. or, have the program provide whatever data is needed to update familyecho or some other choice of tree type

**@firejuggler: did you automate the file or manually enter the data?
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