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Not a good morning at all.......... :(

Twenty-nine llrnet instances locked up. One was running. The running one was one that I had set the cache to 50 on, and using the PG llrnet app. Two other PG llrnet app instances with the cache set to 15, and refill at 5 were locked up. And then all the rest were using the standard sr2 llrnet app and were locked up.

So it begs the question regarding the PG llrnet app of why the small cache instances locked and the 50 cache instance didn't? So I don't think it is an issue of the PG client not keeping running when the "event" happened, I think it is that the server or network clogged with the event, and then they hung cause they couldn't get more work.

My two bits worth is that the load on the server system/net just got to heavy???????

I'm still not running as I haven't gone through and cleared everything.
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