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Default LLRnet server rally March 8th-9th

Come one come all...

NPLB will be hosting an LLRnet server rally starting on March 8th at 7 PM GMT and running for 24 actual hours. These rallies are great fun so bring everything you have.

This will be our first rally for top 5000 primes as we attempt to catch k=300-400 up to the k=400-1001 n-value testing limit in order to merge them together and more importantly, move the project up to 5th or perhaps even 4th or 3rd place for top-5000 primes!

The rally will be on one of IronBit's excellent servers. With 4GB of RAM, everything should run smoothly. The server info. for the rally is:

server = ""
port = 5000

This info. will go in your llr-clientconfig.txt file.

For more specific info. on setting up a connection to the server for the rally, check out our Automated LLR testing thread.

I used the term 'running for 24 hours' because we have to be very specific in this case. Caution for U.S. residents and perhaps people from some other countries: Due to a new U.S. law enacted in 2007, daylight savings time (DST) begins at 2 AM local time on 3/9/2008 for most states. The rally will still run 24 actual hours, which will be 25 hours on your computer clock if your state or country recognizes DST and it is starting on that date. To underscore the confusion, IronBits home state, Arizona, is one of the few U.S. states to not recognize DST.

I am not clear when the official GMT makes this DST adjustment or if that adjustment is made at all. We will need to figure that out so things are not started or stopped an hour early or late.

All questions relating to servers, connections, and DST should be posted here.


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