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We stopped using the machine because of its need for oil and the resulting problems (of course also environmental, as was said). But we want to keep it as spare and turn it on every month for a few minutes.

For us, eletric mowing is indiscutable. I had an electric mower once when all our gasoline ones were broken down. It took me a whole week to mow our 3.000 square meters, because we only had one battery, the charging was slow, the battery often overheated (despite having only around 15° C outside). Our higher grass (not higher than four inches) was undoable with the electric mower. Our gasoline mowers on the other hand will take care of full grown grass (up to a meter) when set to cut to 6-8 cm and watching the throw-out.

While I am all-in on replacing gasoline engines where it is applicable and environmentally useful, mowers will not be electric here for a while. It is more likely that we might get an electric mower without battery, but more power.
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