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Originally Posted by DrobinsonPE View Post
...I am making progress but still have a few puzzles to figure out. Also, I was looking for GPUOWL v6.11 because it looks like v7.0 is still experimental so I need to figure out how to clone an earlier version.
"git switch v6" to switch to the v6 branch, "git switch master" to go back to the currently v7 branch. Until the Makefile edit is in the repo you'll need to do "git checkout -f" to drop the manual edit when pulling updates to master then re-edit the Makefile.

Originally Posted by DrobinsonPE View Post
The edit to the makefile needs to be added to the first post so that the next person to follow the instructions knows what to do.
I'll see if I can dust off a github account and make a pull request so it's no longer an issue.

APU support is lacking with ROCm but you can get it to work with the OpenCL part we need. To do that from the upstream install you should have from following the first post try:
sudo apt autoremove rocm-dev
sudo apt install rocm-dkms
sudo usermod -a -G video $LOGNAME
sudo usermod -a -G render $LOGNAME
sudo reboot
This converts your ROCm install from using upstream to using AMD's latest release, the difference is that upstream relies on drivers that have made it into the kernel and I'm assuming Mint 20 is using kernel 5.4 which is probably too early for decent APU support as it's the most recent development. The usermod lines may not be necessary but they also won't hurt.

As a future note if AMD ever releases a new GPU worth a damn for compute we're going to need to use AMD's drivers for a while for ease. It's the bridge between a new card needing recent developments and ROCm only playing nice with older LTS kernels. All that means roughly speaking is installing rocm-dkms instead of rocm-dev with potentially a few twiddly bits like the usermod lines. OP's install guide is based on the following link with upstream substituted for AMD's drivers, for an AMD driver install just follow this standard guide:

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