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Default Another mprime is already running

I have several machines where mprimes are running.
Each mprime started automatically from a start-up script in the boot sequence.

I found that the mprime shows very occasionally "Another mprime is already running!" and the mprime do not run.
I checked if duplicate processes of the mprime are running, but I did not find another process of mprime.
After it happens, I run the mprime again manually, the mprime is successfully running.
I find that it happens after accidently reboot of the system.
I see a process ID entry in local.txt. The entry has the old process ID, but it may be no problem.

I see the source code.
mprime compares i-nodes of the processes of the old PID and the running PID.
It does work well in simple systems.
My machines have multiple HDDs and multiple partitions.
The value of i-node is unique in a single file system.
Maybe, the i-node of mprime in my secondary disk conflicts to an i-node of a program in root partition.

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