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Originally Posted by D. B. Staple View Post
That doesn't look useless at all. In fact, it looks very similar to what I've been doing. Can I ask which versions of GGNFS, Msieve, and you tested this with?
The last time I was running this software was quite a while ago, but I just installed everything this morning on a Pentium 4, 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit machine to test it and it seems to be functioning with msieve r975, gmp 6.0.0a, ecm 6.4.4, today's d/l of and 0.76. My link for is broken, so I need to change that to get version 0.77, but I have several copies of 0.76 handy. I had no glitches (other than the broken link) and am running a small portion of sequence 4788 to test the installation. Everything seems to be running as it should, but I'll update later, after it adds some lines. Also, I am using the sieves from ggnfs in this test, instead of the better ones referenced on my page.
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