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The interim residues logged in prime.log as uploaded at 500K iterations from start and every multiple of 5M from there on are IIRC only least-significant-64-bits. These get logged in results.txt:
[Sun Apr 19 00:51:13 2020]
M79335979 interim PRP residue F884B6F970C2E554 at iteration 10000000
Final residues in results.json.txt are 2048bit. Both are far shorter than the full exponent-bits-long residue, currently ~100,000,000 bits, which is what's needed to continue a test, and can not be derived from the truncated values.

Periodically someone proposes periodic saving of full-length interim residues from all clients to the server, to potentially save lost time from abandoned work.
It gets shot down on the basis of bandwidth limitations, storage requirements, and cost.

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