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Originally Posted by Siemelink View Post
Hi Gary,

Here are some answers to your questions. You sure fire them off!
I am happy to keep my efforts public, your page makes the various efforts very clear.

I am not interested in keeping the lresults files. That represents effort that I'd rather not spend. Given that there are already have a few hundred k & b pairs on the page the amount of data would quickly balloon.

The run with b=28 took me five or six hours. Started with NewPgen, ran LLR until 20k, then some more sieving with sr1sieve and LLR to mop it up.

I will take all the base 22 candidates until 100k. I think I'll take two of them to 200k. I'll post an update this week sometime.

Laters, Willem.
Thanks for answering my NUMEROUS questions and keeping us updated Willem. No problem on the results files.

See ya,
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