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Originally Posted by Siemelink View Post
Hi Gary,

All your coordination effort is really nice. I checked out the webpages, they are solid stuff. I just had one minor thought, is it possible to keep the headers of the table in view when scrolling down?

As for your request for the lresults file, well, I don't know. While technically correct this represents a lot more administration effort.
I run this stuff manually on a handfull of computers. I check the lresults file daily to check for progress and then empty the lresults file. So I don't have the lresults anymore.

Laters, Willem
Thanks, Willem and for coordinating through us here.

Well, I'll let you off THIS time since I just posted the request a little while ago!

Seriously, it would be best if you could copy them off and send them but I'm not going to press the issue if it's a problem.

So what you're saying is that you perhaps run a range of n=5K-25K like you did on 233*28^n-1 on several computers by splitting it up perhaps like 5-10K on one machine, 10-15K on another, etc.? Is that correct? If so, I don't mind getting multiple files for one search, regardless of how they are sorted. Many people do searches in that manner on several machines. But even if they're a jumbled mess, when we do some double checks here-and-there, we can sort them if necessary to find the appropriate residues needed.

If this presents a large issue for some people, I'll drop the request. It's just something that will be helpful in the future for the 'greater good'.

One thing I do have to have is primes files and results files on is when searching brand NEW bases from n=1. There's no choice there. We have to know what primes are found for every k to show that we've proven the conjecture.

No biggie. If you can do it, that's great and is helpful. If not, that's fine.

On the web pages headers. I also had an initial suggestion for them before I made the pages public. I'll see what I can do sometime this week. They're designed off of the pages where the headers also do not stay stationary. It would be kind of handy for viewing.

Originally Posted by Siemelink View Post
To get a feeling on how to use srfile and sr1sieve I checked 233*28^n-1 until 25000. No prime found.

Thanks for the info. and for helping out the effort. I'll mark it as searched to n=25K. Some questions:
1. Did you use LLR to search it or do you use some other software? That was a pretty fast sieve and search and it's got me wondering.
2. Do you want to keep this k reserved? If so, do you know how high you're going to search it?
3. Are there any others that you've started working on or that you wish to reserve at this time?

The reservations help us avoid double-work.

You already reported the large efforts that you did on base 22 in that thread. I'm still keeping those reserved for you because I'm assuming that you're continuing the search on them.

One final thought...I am going to request that the bases 22 and 23 threads be locked and coordinated through this effort. Do you see that as a problem? When I do that, I'll put one final post in them stating that they will be locked and requesting any additional info. that people have be posted here.


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