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Default Web page reservations page changes needed

Originally Posted by Citrix View Post
Gary, Could we have a separate webpage for powers of 2. I think these will be the most popular.
By the way the webpage looks really nice.
Thanks Citrix. I agree those will probably be the most popular. What does everyone else think? Should we have separate pages for the bases that are powers of 2? I admit I kind of like it 'sorted by base with no holes' but I can understand the reasoning behind having them separate.

Before responding to the above though, I have to bring up that there is a much bigger issue here. I think you may get part of your wish but for a different reason on base 16 for the reservations page. I'm going to need entirely new reservations pages for bases with many k's remaining. I think I've decided how to handle it but am open to hearing more on the matter. The issue is that I need to allow for 100's or even 1000's of k's remaining on a base. This is almost definitely going to be the case on bases 6 or 19 when we get into those due to the high conjectures. Base 19 Riesel has a conjecture > 1.1M! I don't want to even think about bases 3, 7, and 15!

Here is what I'm currently considering: Remove the k's remaining on the 2 main info. pages, show the # of k's remaining instead and provide a link to a NEW reservations page set up for the specific base that has reservations info. for all of the remaining k's. That way, I can leave all of the other main info. about the bases on the main pages and wouldn't have the duplicate work of keeping them synced up. This is the same thing that I do for the bases with major projects right now. I think it makes the most sense and keeps things fairly consistent and easy to follow.

I'll then create the above mentioned separate reservations pages for bases with large #'s of k's remaining like there will be on base 16. I'll leave the bases on the current main info. pages and reservations page with all other info. but for the k's remaining and reservations, I'll put a link to the page with the reservations info. like I do on the main page.

If I don't do this, the current reservations page will quickly become a mess in the near future. Right now for base 16 Sierp, it's looking like there will be around 53-57 k's remaining at n=25K (plus 3 being searched by the SOB and Sierp Base 4 projects). Imagine what the current reservations page would look like after that and after Michaf has finished base 24 Sierp to n=5K? It wouldn't be a pretty sight nor SITE! The page is already somewhat cluttered and we don't want to make it downright UGLY and hard to follow!

Don't think I'm ignoring your suggestion about powers of 2 being on a separate page. After things settle down from the more pressing issue of separate reservations pages for some bases, I would still consider it depending on what people think.

Late added note for clarity: When I say 'main info. pages', I'm referring to the 2 pages that are NOT the one reservation page. It's easy to get lost in semantics here.

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