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Originally Posted by michaf View Post
I was under the impression that Xyzzy was only a device used by the gerbils. Actually one gerbil and a spirit of one I believe.
Ha ha. Good one Michaf! I just responded to your PM about base 24 Sierp.

For everyone's info., Michaf has started from scratch running PFGW on all k's for base 24 Sierp. Michaf, can you post something in the reservation thread about reserving base 24 Sierp to n=5K? Thanks! I just want to keep everyone in the loop of what is going on. I'll show it as reserved by you on the web pages later tonight.

Anon, thanks for info.! I never knew that before. I'll respond to your PM later this evening. My daughter has a championship soccer game to go to shortly. I'm pretty excited about it!

Citrix, I got a nice PM from Xyzzy this morning that discusses some important things. I'll coordinate through the both of you if I feel we really need to move or edit anything.

Later tonight...a new sieving thread. I'm going to post my numerous sieved files there and will ask that others post some of theirs if they only want to (or can only sieve) or if they find they've bitten off too much to test.

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