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Default Bases 6-32 reservations/statuses/primes

Please use this thread for posting reservations and statuses on bases 6-32 for "Conjectures 'R Us". When considering what to reserve, please take into account the size of the base. Base 30 of course tests much slower than base 9 at the same n-value. Also for bases that are powers of 2 (base 16 for this effort), LLR will convert them to base 2 before searching, which means faster searching at effectively the same size of test. Although it will write out the 'primes' file in base 16, the results file will be in base 2.

For statuses, these are guidelines only. Nothing is set in stone. Please report a status at least once/month and preferably more frequently. The web pages will be updated most every day to include new info. and sometimes several times a day. Use your own judgment on this. If you're searching at n=5K on multiple k's and are knocking down primes left and right, then report in a little more often. Clearly if you're searching above n=100K, then once/month to let us know where your search is at is fine.

I am currently working on Sierp base 16 for all k's. I am up to n=19K and will take it up to n=25K, which should be done Sunday. I'll then post the 60+ k's remaining for everyone else to search. I'll wait to see what the response is before reserving any more k's myself. I have eliminated all k's where higher primes were found for bases 2 and 4 and could be converted to an equivalent k base 16.

Base 16 is a good base because it LLRs like base 2 for the equivalent size, i.e. k*16^n+1 LLRs at the same speed as k*2^(4n)+1. This is one where I think we'll get a lot of top-5000 primes! It only takes an exponent of around n=83.4K to make the top-5000 list and with 60+ k's left at n=25K, there will be plenty to go around.

More than one person can reserve the same k for a different n-range. k's already reserved can be reserved by a 2nd person for the lowest n-range above that which has already been reserved. I enourage this kind of collaborative effort to facilitate reserving many k's for a narrow n-range or knocking out very stubborn k's. If this happens, the k will be shown on the reservation pages with both people and their respective n-range reservations. Clearly if one person finds a prime, then the other can choose to stop searching at his own discretion. Both people should check the primes and reservations threads a little more frequently than they normally would.


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