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Originally Posted by Jarl View Post
so if I can tell him "actually, prime95 and system idle process basically do the same thing, but system idle isn't displayed" then he should be ok about having it run.
I doubt System Idle Process searches for Mersenne primes, so I think he'd be right on that account.
Getting on to slightly more useful topics...
Here's a brief summary of what it says about what the idle process actually runs:
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
The process runs in the background and constantly monitors processing bandwidth, occupied memory and the Windows virtual paging file.
I don't know of a way to make it only use 50%, but I do know that if you have it running on two cores, they'll need to each have their own Prime95 process, unless you want to use the new version that is multi-threaded so it runs on multiple cores/CPUs (but that lowers the efficiency, so you might want to just have them run two processes).
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