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Originally Posted by Dr Sardonicus View Post
The officer told of a woman who asked about it, to which he responded by asking her if she would point the gun at the intruder and say "Hold it!" or something like that. The woman had said she would.

To which the officer had replied, "You'd be dead."
A friend of a friend told me that they kept their 7 shot shotgun loaded with (in order) 2 rounds of snake or bird shot, 3 rounds 00 Buck, 2 slugs. The first two can be fired in a room of the house and not harm people in the adjacent rooms. Also, likely to stop or prevent harm by a bad person, while not generally doing irreparable harm to a family member accidentally shot. The 00 Buck will stop a person. (The 2 rounds of snake shot can be quickly racked out if needed). The slugs are disabling vehicles if needed.
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