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Originally Posted by Kalli Hofmann View Post
What do you claim ? :
Is 2 ^ 70237298350549551468899 – 1 a prime Number ?
or is 2 ^ 102589933 – 1 a prime Number ?
Please be accurate with your claims.
With the first number - I used factor5 to test factors up to 2^110. No factors found. This doesn't mean that it is prime, because in order to test that this number is prime, I would need the LL test, but this number is far beyond anyone's compute power. Not going to bother testing it farther...
With regards to the second - someone is running a PRP test on it. Assuming the machine that is running it is being run 24/7 on this number and it is a reasonably modern machine, we should know within a few weeks whether it is probably prime (in which case it will be tested with LL to conclude definitively whether it is prime) or not (in which case it's composite).
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