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Default Hands off our Chocolate!

Chocolate Fake - New York Times:

In other chocolate-related news, the massive 10-lb bar of extra-dark Belgian chocolate I bought on sale after Christmas at Trader Joe's finally ran out at the end of May, so I'm back to my normal-sized one-pound bars of same. It's a hard life, being a chocoholic ... it's so difficult to get good mules that know all the border crossings, the competition for them is fierce. Even my long-time comrade in chocolate-smuggling, my trusty burro Pepe, recently asked for a raise. He said the folks that make those Colombian Coffee commercials - you know, the "Eet ees een theess hills, that Juan Valdez and his trusty burro gather thee reechest coffee beans..." ones - had made him a nice offer, complete with medical coverage and a signed 8x10" glossy of ol' Juan himself (interesting trivia: they use a stunt double in the actual commercials, and only trot ol' Juan out for splashy PR events), so what was I gonna do? It would take years to train a new one, so Pepe knew he had me sobre un barril, as they say. I tried talking him down, but that one, he's as stubborn as a ... well, you know.

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