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Originally Posted by unconnected View Post
I'm trying to build in Kaggle and run into problem mentioned here, switching to revision below 3076 doesn't help. Any ideas?

BTW, I can confirm that there are no building problems in Colab.
The GMP-ECM Team fixed the referenced problem for Colab with revision 3081, so that shouldn't be the trouble.

Maybe Kaggle installs CUDA a little differently. I've never played with Kaggle, but I remember someone telling me I needed to add "!chmod 777 /tmp" to the top for Kaggle to work. Since it's there, I'm guessing that isn't it, either.

I'm unable to build at home (arch 3.0 card) for the same reason and my research seems to be telling me that this issue is caused by a header file not being referenced within another header file correctly. Studying autoconfig might help, but maybe it's time to contact the GMP-ECM team as referenced in the error block.
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