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Originally Posted by hhh View Post
Is that you, Mr. Silverman?

Uniformly? random? interval? Can you explain what you mean please?

The only thing I can imagine you might be meaning is that the floor say of my office being discribed by the rectangle [0,3]x[0,5], for every point in that space, there is an identically and independently distributed (iid) (uniform) U[0,b] random variable, where b would be the end of the interval you are referring to.
That would be a hell of a floor, and it is not obvious (at least for me) why you should get the table fixed.

Yours, H.
The height of the floor is a uniform random variable taken over some interval
[a,b]. The values of a and b do not matter. Rotate the table using
one leg as a pivot. Any three legs must be co-planar. That there exists
*some* rotation where the 4th point is in the same plane follows from
e.g.: The Ham Sandwich Theorem, or Browder's Fixed Point Theorem
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