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Default weight sieving

I took a look at the Payam numbers again, and I am finding good weights quickly with 2805k.

I am sieving 2805k<999999990, for weights above 3.6.
This leaves 3+billion open for sieving.

Also I was thinking of making sub-weight categories, due to factors.
This would include the worst, best , and average weight for the multiplier.
For instance 2805k<28995285, has a best weight of 3.71, worst weight of .79, and average of about 2.5
So if you choose a 2805k, with a weight of 3.71 you know that if you had extremely bad luck you could get a .79, but are more likely to get 2.5, and most likely to get a 3.71.

We could define an Mk weight, and then include a periferal effect of the factors of 15k, or M1k, M2k,... weights.
Or look at it in Dirchlet terms.

Any ideas?