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some 15k's may be already tested by other people (non-group members). We try to check the candidates before we present them on our list
There is a very low probability in general that you will be reproducing others work, and I believe the new database will have a reject feature, so you'll know right away.

(There may also be some really bad guys who take our list and test the candidates before we do - without beeing a member of our group ... any ideas on that topic?)
We could consider them Lone 15k hunters.
;) Steve & Jocelyn ;)
There really is no reason for them or others to poach since individuals do not loose or divide credit because of the projects, and programs used.
But nevertheless, we will just have to use the data they produce as non-members towards our common goal.

Those of you thinking about re-reserving 15k's which were already tested by someone else should contact that group member. May be he or she has sieved that 15k up to much higher n but didn't have tested the whole range for primality, e.g. in most cases I use NewPGen to sieve for n up to 200000, but sometimes (when there are not so many primes) I stop LLR around n = 160000 or so.
Ah yes the contradiction of decision, Since 16995 leveled out, maybe 160000+ will too.
That is the beauty of this project I think, that we are generally increasing our odds, but locally we make interactive decisions(sometimes refered to as a gambler's falicy). Which is known to work when counting cards! As a matter of fact in a Las Vegas Nevada casino you will be kicked out if you count cards, though the laws states it is not illegal, because you are just using your mind and math.

When we have found some "best" 15k's and decide to test for larger ranges of n we should think about some coordinated sieving (yes, to be done by those Athlon guys).
Yes indeed, we could consult Paul Underwood as well from 321 search for pointers.
Our guestimated target remains at 2 years before Prime95 hits a ten million digit mersenne.