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Any way you do, if you have access to cheap electricity, you will get A LOT better with second hand xeons, people discarded wagons of them after spectre-related bugs came to light (practically, you could get them for free, or even get paid to get them), and clever Chinese entrepreneurs made special (new) mobos for them, just to sell them, and the memories they had stocks. So, you can get a very cheap system with a lot of cores and a lot of processing power, I mean A LOT, of which only the CPU and the memories are second hand, everything else is brand new, including the mobo, ssd, etc. The downside is the fact that the business is a bit risky, you won't get any warranty in the most of the cases, and the system itself, even if everything works perfect, it will be quite power hungry.

I posted links in the past (I think, in Xyzzy's hardware thread). Just go to aliespress and search for "x79 combo", or "x99 combo", or just "motherboard set", sort them by price, descending, and stop where your budget limit is...

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